We are very happy to share the following news with you:

NutraIngredients has announced the nominees for the prestigious “NutraIngredients Awards 2022”

And yes, you guessed it – GutMagnific is one of the nominees!

The eminent NutraIngredients is a global platform for leading brands in health, supplements and medical food products. An international and independent panel of experts has selected GutMagnific as one of the three best probiotic products on the European market. The nomination is based on a number of criteria, including health benefits supported by clinical data.

GutMagnific’s unique composition of probiotics, all derived from healthy foods, work together in order to restore the interplay between the microbiota, the immune system and the intestinal barrier function.

Thank you NutraIngredients for highlighting the science and the scientists behind GutMagnific who have developed the first probiotic in the new category ImmuneBiotics ™ – probiotics developed with pharmaceutical precision.

Thank you NutraIngredients for bringing attention to the science and research team behind GutMagnific, which has created the first product in the ImmuneBiotics™ category – probiotics formulated with pharmaceutical precision.