Clinical Studies

GutMagnific is not a pharmaceutical drug, but rather a high-quality dietary supplement that has been specifically formulated to address the underlying causes of gastrointestinal and neurological conditions.

While GutMagnific is not intended to replace medical treatment, it has been clinically proven to provide significant health benefits in several pilot clinical trials and placebo-controlled studies.

We understand the challenges of managing gut-brain axis disorders and how difficult it can be to alleviate the symptoms of gut and neurological conditions. GutMagnific offers a natural and effective solution that can complement medical treatment and help users achieve a healthier and more balanced gut microbiome.

Through its precisely designed, multi-strain probiotic formula, GutMagnific targets dysbiosis, inflammation, and increased intestinal permeability, all of which are frequently associated with gut-brain axis disorders.

By promoting a healthy balance between the gut microbiome, immune system, and intestinal barrier, GutMagnific has been clinically proven to improve symptoms in these conditions.

1) In collaboration with the Karolinska Institute, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study was conducted to evaluate the effect of GutMagnific on patients with ME/CFS and comorbid IBS. The study found a significant impact of GutMagnific on both neurological and gastrointestinal symptoms. The results of the study are under evaluation for scientific publication. To learn more about the study, please visit the NIH’s website and search for NCT04741841.

2) In collaboration with the University hospital in Malmö, a pilot clinical trial was conducted on IBS patients who had earlier gastroenteritis and did not show improvement after fecal transplantations. The trial found that treatment with GutMagnific resulted in significant improvement in the symptomology of IBS, and patients did not show any signs of clinical deterioration up to one year.

3) In collaboration with university hospital in Malmö, GutMagnific has been clinically tested on patients with severe and recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, different genders, and medical history. The study found that the strains in GutMagnific have potential to inhibit the growth of more than 20 tested pathogens and pathobionts. No recurrent C. diff was observed after one year from the last treatment.

At ImmuneBiotech, we are committed to providing our users with the highest quality dietary supplements that are backed by the latest scientific research. Our mission is to help people achieve optimal health and wellness through natural and effective solutions.